Shatta Wale

Popular Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo has spoken out about rumors that she slept with Junior US and Shatta Wale.

Due to their closeness, Efia Odo and dancehall artist Shatta Wale, as well as Junior US, are said to have had intimate relationships.

Efia Odo was warned by Shatta Wale just a week ago to shut up and put an immediate stop to the indirect jabs she keeps throwing at her at every opportunity.

If Efia continues with her smear campaign against him, he will reveal all of their dirty secrets online, as Shatta has threatened him.

After the nudist made it clear in an interview with Pulse GH that she would never again hang out with the self-described dancehall king, Shatta Wale made threats.

Thosecalledcelebs, an Instagram blogger, claimed on her page that Shatta and the late Junior US chopped Efia Odo together in a hotel in New Jersey, as the “Taking Over” hitmaker had previously hinted.

She claims that Efia Odo was Junior US’s “to be girlfriend,” but the first time they met, she slept with Shatta Wale in a hotel in New Jersey.

She explained that Efia Odo, Junior US, and other friends met Shatta Wale, but that Efia Odo had already slept with Shatta Wale before they realized it.

Additionally, Junor US, who was the first to express interest in the socialite and chop her, was enraged by this.

In response to the rumors, she claimed that she and Junior US had never slept together before.

According to the rumors, she acknowledged that they all once met in New Jersey, but that they never went to the hotel to bonk.

Efia says that she only took Shatta’s money in New Jersey because he took her to a boutique to shop, and then they both went to different homes.

Efia Odo has stated categorically that she has never slept with Shatta Wale or the late Junior US.