Efya Storms Silverbird In Tacky Dress Flaunting Her Bloated Tummy – Fans React


After storming the Silverbird-Accra Mall wearing a dress that revealed her tummy, singer Efya received a huge response on social media.

Efya attended yesterday’s movie premiere of actress Fella Makafui to show her support for the performer.

She turned, however, and caused a huge commotion by baring her tummy while wearing a tiny attire. Efya looked great in her trendy baggy jeans and crop top.

Her outfit received an extra sauce boost from her hairband and sunglasses. Special mention should go to her haircut, which complemented her so well.

The way Efya bravely exposed her large stomach in public, however, is what genuinely shocks people.

Due to Efya’s large stomach, there have long been rumors that she is pregnant.
She is not, as it turns out; what appears to be a nice bump is actually just fat.