Famous Takoradi based Pastor in big trouble for surprisingly impregnating wife of church member

A famous Takoradi-based Pastor in big trouble for surprisingly impregnating wife of church member. After this news hits the church, several members from the most branch have commenced complaining concerning similar problems.

Several are keeping quiet of problems like this within the church or the pastor pay them to stay mute.

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A claim has been filed at the Takoradi Circuit Court against Pastor Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong, founding father of El Shaddai Outreach Ministry Church in Takoradi by Regina Ankrah, a former church member for abandoning her after impregnating her.

From the statement of claim by the court, Regina, who is now a former member of the church was lured by the pastor into over one sexual affair.

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This Pastor within the person of Pastor Jude prophesized to her that she was married in the spiritual realm to her demise father and for that, she would not achieve success in any wedding she enters.

Regina to some extent believed the prophecy as a result of she has had 2 problems with 2 completely different men while not having a wedding. Consistent with the prophecy, Pastor Jude took her through some non-secular rituals that finished up with him sleeping with her as part of the rescue method at a hotel in Kumasi only one week before her wedding with her fiance.

Regina got married to her bride-to-be on the 15th November 2015, at the church with Pastor Jude taking part in an important role in her wedding and invited his uncle who is a pastor in another church to bless the wedding.

She said her sexual escapade with the pastor when her wedding failed to stop, however she was compelled to own many sexual intercourses with him all at his request for over 4 years all under the pretense of rescuing her.

As a part of the rescue, she was educated by the pastor to not permit her husband to bed with her since it’d affect him and her siblings that she was obligated for concern of losing her life.

Regina disclosed that her mother came to grasp this adulterous relationship and suggested she prevent however Pastor Jude wouldn’t agree and rather came to beg her mother. As proof of his determination to marry her, he gave her a speech act ring with the directions to interchange it together with her ring that she obligated, and upon being seen by her husband resulted in an awfully serious misunderstanding.

Regina same finally when four years of the adulterous relationship, she became pregnant and as she had ne’er slept together with her husband of these years her husband took the problem to court for a divorce. The Pastor failed to deny the responsibility of the maternity ANd asked the provincial capital to not worry about the promise to marry her ought to she be unmarried as a result of the exposure of the adulterous relationship that had become a secret at the church. Pastor Jude and his uncle approached Regina’s family to acknowledge the paternity of the kid and conferred a reputation to be to the kid.

He was thenceforth maintaining the house by remitting her Ghc500.00 a month for her repairs which of the kid. Plans were afoot between the parties to induce married till the relation became bitter once the pastor started neglecting her and their kid that resulted in provincial capital causation the interest legal aid Sekondi for resolution.

Regina’s claim was for the upkeep of arrears of Ghc2500.00 together with medical bills a call for participation for brand new accommodation for the litigator and also the kid additionally compensation for her desertion by him. Pastor Jude’s mother indicated at the sitting that her son was in the national capital and wouldn’t be offered however she was asked to seem in person.

Pastor Jude’s mother indicated at the sitting that her son was in the national capital and wouldn’t be offered however she was asked to seem in person. per week when the sitting he visited legal aid and caused the payment of ghc1500 of the arrears of maintenance however contended that he’s not susceptible to pay any compensation to her as a result of she isn’t his adult female and added that he would be moving outside the Republic of Ghana, therefore, then sound then he would thus not have time to attend an extra hearing before the legal aid so, therefore, she will be able to take the case to anyplace she needed.

Regina says the Pastor cannot countermand his promise to marry her having caused her to form many sacrifices together with the loss of her wedding additionally as her being shamed and publically ridiculed. Also, the replacement of her ring with the speech act ring bought for her by Jude at his request and directions could be a clear case that there was a promise to marry that caused her to change her life.

Statement of Claim:

Regina Ankrah Vrs Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong1
Regina Ankrah Vrs Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong2
Regina Ankrah Vrs Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong3
Regina Ankrah Vrs Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong4
Regina Ankrah Vrs Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong5
Regina Ankrah Vrs Jude Nana Kwame Sarpong6 2


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