Fans shocked as Afia Schwarzenegger drops genuine life advice to Mzbel – Video

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger has surprised the social media world by giving genuine advise to her own adversary, Mzbel.

Mzbel was warned by Afia Schwarzenegger about the consequences of having repentant foes like Nana Tonardo in her life.

Any so-called friend who joins forces with your adversaries while you’re beefing and then returns to beg is a dangerous individual, according to Afia.


Such people, according to Afia, are known as repented foes.

She claimed that no one should have such a friend since they are much more harmful than Satan.

Nana Tonardo, Afia’s former friend turned nemesis, appears to be the target of Afia’s remarks.

They used to be fine, she claimed, until Tonardo ran to Delay when they had a problem.

Tonardo allegedly wanted to re-enter her life after they had a falling out, but she refused.

Afia said that’s why Tonardo attacks her at any chance.

Her words also seem aimed at Mzbel, who also fell out with Tonardo but have now reconciled.

Listen to Afia Schwarzenegger talk below…


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