Fans Wonder Who Will Advise Who After Linda Osei Drops Tw**king Video

Linda Osei

Linda Osei is blessed with a naturally large posterior, something that many young girls risk their lives to acquire.

Linda Osei takes advantage of every chance to release twerking videos since she is aware of how fortunate she is to have such a large posterior at such a young age.

The TikTok phenomenon has frequently been criticized for having a negative influence on her daughters, who are known for posting videos that are identical to hers.

She frequently uploads videos to defend her daughters, whom she describes as mature ladies who can conduct their lives as they see fit.

But Linda Osei has released another another tongue-twisting video in which she moved her body to a classic Nigerian tune.

She dazzled her TikTok admirers as she danced in a tight, long black dress and brown heels.


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