Fantana evokes sex appeal online


In what seems like a music video shoot, popular Ghanaian singer, Fantana, has been captured on social media serving some sensual moves.

Costumed in a nude body-hugging romper with her thong popping out, the ‘African gyal’ hitmaker bathed herself with green paint while vibing to Kelvin Little’s ‘Turn me on’.

Kneeling on a table with her butt facing upwards, Fantana rubbed the paint all over her body whiles wiggling her buttocks which have been rumoured to have undergone reconstruction.

The post has since gathered over 7,000 likes and 150 comments.

Fantana who has been alleged to have undergone a BBL Liposuction surgery has since been splashing hot pictures on social media.

The popular singer has been severally captured in hot bikini shots showcasing her banging body on Instagram.

Watch the video below:




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