Female Pastor Breastfeed Church Member For Healing, Claims Its Holy Milk

female Pastor

It was an unbelievable sight as a female Pastor has been spotted in a video giving a man breast to suck for healing.

The video which has surfaced online, shows the moment an alleged Ghanaian female Pastor offered her breast to a male church member to suck for an alleged miracle.

In the video the alleged Ghanaian female Pastor could be seen removing her breast from her bra and offering to the alleged male church member who eagerly grabbed it and sucked.

Though reports cannot authoritatively state if the said lady in the video is a Pastor, the video which was uploaded on Twitter, claimed the lady in the video is a pastor.

The video which was uploaded by a twitter user @gossipboyz11, was captioned: “A female Pastor in Ghana using her breast to heal her church members.”



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