Flood Inundates Kaneshie As Weather Gushes Out Torrential Rains.

This morning’s rain fall is causing havoc in certain parts of the Ghanaian national capital, Accra after a heavy down pour today.

The first traffic section of Kaneshie, a busy business centre, has been engulfed with flood rendering many people homeless. The rain is still falling even though it is not as heavy as the earlier one which fell about an hour ago.

As the moment, the national capital of Accra, looks cloudy with more expected rainfalls this morning as the weather forecasters continue to update nationals on safety precautionary measures to take so as to avoid being washed away by the rainfall.

Commuters are seen sheltering themselves under shades and in other areas that are on high grounds to remain safe during this stormy weather. Others are using the opportunity to harvest the rainwater due to the scarcity of this precious commodity in Accra and other parts of Ghana.

As the rain continues to fall earnestly, it helps those who dwell on high ground to preserve the water because, getting water on the hill is difficult so when it rains as this, then, many of them begin to praise God for showering them with His wonderful architecture.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com




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