Gay couple welcomes baby girl born through a surrogate

Gay couple

A healthy baby girl delivered via surrogacy has finally been welcomed by a Gay couple who wed in a lovely wedding ceremony in 2019.

Reports state that on August 4, 2019, Mr. and Mr. Green-Jones exchanged vows in front of their loved ones and family.

After getting married, the couple posted several photos on social media to show off their happiness.

We did it!! I couldn’t be happier to have such an amazing partner by my side. After six years together and seven years as friends, you are my world, my man. I love you more than words can express, from now until forever. Mr. & Mr. Green-Jones. August 4, 2019,” Taylor Green-Jones posted on Instagram.

Fast forward four years, and the couple has now had their surrogate-carried first child.

Since then, Mr. and Mr. Jones have shared on their different social media sites the birth of their daughter.

The delighted pair posted a nice photo of themselves and the new addition to their family to Instagram with the message;

”Our wonderful child has finally arrived! Gyasi (Jah-see) Green-Jones was born March 31 at @9:38am, 6 lb/14 oz, a healthy baby girl. We are so excited about this parenting journey. ALL OF THE THANKS TO OUR SURROGATE for making this a reality. Thank you to our family, friends, and loving community for all the support