GES Demands Police Investigations Into Extortion Claims.

The Ghana Education Service, GES, is in the news again for the perceived wrong reasons. This time around, it is quick to denying allegations being levelled against its top notch officials that, they extorted huge sum of money from parents and guardians on the pretext of facilitating and guaranteeing the preferred school choices for their wards.

This particular allegation coming from parents, is a yearly phenomenon before, during and after the release of Basic Education Certificate Examination results are released to pave ways for the school placements and selection criteria to be followed.

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It is some how clear that, some people at the corridors of influence, are passing through the back door not to allow the due process to be adhered to thereby, demanding gargantuan amount of money from people who can afford so as to do their bidding without recourse to the laid down procedures.

The Ghana Education Service, has duly informed the Ghana Police Service, to as a matter of urgency, expedite actions in unraveling those officials alleged to be behind the extortion claims. GES is appealing to the Ghana Police Service, to do a thorough and impartial investigations without fear or favour to bring the perpetrators to book to face the music as a deterrent to those desiring to do same.

GES therefore, assures to general public that, as police officers are going to investigate or look into the matter, everyone should be rest assured that, they would bring finality to these long-held extortion allegations that do come from parents and children year in, year out.



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