Ghana Education Service Under Pressure Over Placement.

The Ghana Education Service, GES, has come under a severe barrage of attacks over the latter feet dragging in releasing the recently graduated BECE students. The students finished their final examinations on 19th November, 2021 and up until now, they thought there would be clear indications as to when and where the students will further their level of education.

But the Ghana Education Service earlier this week in a statement, assured parents, guardians and students that, by the close of Friday, 25th March, 2022, the afore-stated individuals would know their fates as to where and when such pupils would be undertaking their various senior high school courses.

The Ghana Education Service, is the sole public institution in Ghana mandated to manage, regulate and supervise educational issues in the country. The institution further clarified the difficulties many students are enduring in accessing their placements. GES said, close to maximum number of nine hundred thousand students would be selected and chosen by the computer placement and selection programme.

According to GES, nobody should fall a prey to the suspecting elements in the community who are parading themselves as having come from GES thereby, extorting money from people on the premise that, their first choices would be granted them hence, their palms must be greased so as to speed up the process in their favour.

The service again put it clear that, those who do not meet the stipulated criteria being used to select the students, can do their personal manual selection if or when their names are not picked or chosen by the placement officials.



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