Ghana Jubilates As Elmina Fishing Harbour Receives Magnificent Mega ‘SH Vega’ With 280 Passengers For A Cruise

Ghana seems to be on the right path of economic tourism boost with the recent ‘SH Vega’ ship arrival on Elmina shores.

According to a news editor at, this happens to be the first ever cruise ship which fixed it’s anchor in the waters of Elmina, 8.8 cables away.

Making it more interesting, the tourists aboard this ship got into smaller boats and began to tour Elmina Castle, the batik-making site, Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, and other wonderful locations.

This feat may have been achieved, because Ghana is one of the favourable tourist sites for foreign tourists looking to catch a cruise across the globe.

Asides Elmina Fishing Harbour, there are other important sites like the Tema and Takoradi Harbours which serve as the first traditional ports of call.

‘SH Vega’ has established this new contact with the Elmina Fishing Harbour, even though it was structured by the government to aid the fishing community ease on their activities — and now, it doubles as both a fishing port and a cruising center.

It is to be noted that the visit of this mega tourist ship to the Elmina Fishing Harbour has initiated a room for unending avenues to create national revenues, in order to enhance local and international tourism.

Here are the photos below :



ship 1