Ghana movie industry needs action, not prayers – Bishop Agyin Asare

Bishop Agyin Asare

Founder and leader of Perez Church International Bishop Charles Agyin Asare said that the Ghana movie industry is dying, but prayers won’t revive it. We can only solve the problem by innovation and action.

Bishop Asare said that the telenovelas that have invaded our airwaves remain a threat to Ghanaian society because we are consuming cultures that are alien to our society. Which will go a long way to destroy our moral fibre.

Speaking to Christian Agyei Frempong on Anigye Mere on Onua Fm on Saturday 19 June, the clergy said that movies always tell stories of the country of origin. And Ghana it is vice versa which is not good for our movie industry, he added.

For instance, American movies portrays the character of Americans, the drugs, their lifestyle and the environment in which they live, so our movie industry should emulate and do the same.”
The Man of God reiterated that the Ghanaian movie industry lacks innovative ideas to sail them to the international market. “Even when God rains manna from heaven, you need to go out and collect them. Our movie industry is far beyond prayers for survival. All we need is a pragmatic approach and action to rub shoulders with the international market.”

He said there is the need to change the concept and contents of our movie to achieve results.

Source: 3news


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