Ghana Muslim mission on 2021 national population and housing census

The National leadership of the Ghana Muslim Mission is urging all Ghanaians, especially Muslims to avail themselves and get their entire households counted in this year’s National Population and Housing Census.

A statement signed by Dr Sheikh Amin Bonsu, the National Chairman of the Ghana Muslim Mission said “it is a duty for every Muslim to get counted in the third National Population and Housing Census 2021. The population census will help gather data or statistics to help government in its planning and policy formulation for the development of the country”.

The statistics gathered through the census on the demographics in the country will determine the policy direction of government. This is why it is more important for all Muslims to ensure that they are duly captured in the census to ensure that we are not marginalized in policy formulation and implementation in this country.

Hence, we are urging all Muslims living in Ghana to take advantage of this census and get counted. The information you will provide during the census is for statistical purposes only.

When a census official visits you:

· Please be candid enough to provide the right information about yourself and your household.

· Please ensure that the counting official enters the information you have provided correctly.

· Please ensure that you are counted as a Muslim in column P09 of the questionnaire.

· Please take it upon yourself to educate members of your household on the need for the census.

In a Hadith, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) said, “To keep awake in the border to protect the homeland in Allah’s way is better than all the treasures between the heavens and the earth.” As Muslims, our contribution to national development is a sacred duty. Let’s get involved and get counted.



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