Ghana Security Forces Mount Vigilance On Borders Without Guns- Security Analyst alleges

Ghana Security Forces Mount Vigilance On Borders Without Guns

A thought provoking allegation is being peddled against the security hierarchy in Ghana for not properly supplying the needed resources and logistics to the security forces who have been dispatched to mount vigilance on the borders of Ghana to forestall any possible intrusion of terrorists.

The security officers have been mandated to prevent the incursions of gangs who are planning to launch spirited attacks on Ghana as it is happening currently in Nigeria and other parts of the West African subregions without being curbed.

A security analyst, Adib Saani, who is well known in many circles of the media landscape on matters pertaining to terrorism, crime and banditry, has boldly claimed that the forces assigned to patrol our Ghanaian borders have been given the green light but without providing them with ammunition to combat and deal decisively with criminal activities relating to turbulent chaos that the enemies of peace may likely cause to our country.

According to Adib Saani, he carefully studied and observed how the security forces have been watching the borders of Ghana to prevent cases of terrorists activities from penetrating into our country but there is no availability of guns as weapons for the security officers to whip up bravery and courage among the security personnel.

He further stressed that, everything that pertains in our borders territories, is well known to those who are planning to foment troubles and to instigate disastrous commotions in the country and based on that, they will strike the forces of Ghana at their blindsided due to their unpreparedness because what the fight crimes and terrorism with has not been released yet to the forces who are there sacrificing for the nation as patriotic citizens of the country, Ghana.

The allegation being leveled up against the top hierarchy of our security forces, is so damning and heartbreaking to the extent that, it appears our leaders are deeply bereft of ideas when it comes to matters relating to the safety of the country and the citizens as a whole if what the security analyst is saying, is anything tangible to go by.

The ministries of the interior and defence are totally silent on the matter whilst, they are very much aware that personal safety is not anything to take for granted.

Ambrose Dery, the minister for interior, recently announced the readiness of his ministry and government’s support to the security forces who would be designated to mount surveillance on the borders of Ghana to protect the country from being plunged into insurrection from the sect of terrorists activities who are only seeking to incite violent conducts in the country.




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