Ghanaian Graduates Must Create Their Own Jobs – says Deputy Employment Minister

Create your own jobs, don’t depend on white collar jobs – Deputy Employment Minister to fresh graduates

The issue of some Ghanaian graduates, who have been sitting down aloof whilst folding their arms after completion of their national services to the country, has taken another twist and turn, as the deputy minister of employment and labor relations, has advised them to desist from acting in such irresponsible ways.

According to the deputy minister, Honourable Bright Wireku Brobbey, he does not understand why most especially, Ghanaian youth will be waiting upon the government to provide them with white-collar jobs before they begin to start doing something meaningful with their youthful exuberance.

“I have not seen any wealthy person in the formal space who works in the civil or public service. Every wealthy person in society is an entrepreneur. Anyone who can put his creativity into action and create jobs is rich.”

“White collar jobs are not the only jobs one can do. So we should not be over reliant on government to create jobs”, he said.

“What we are doing now is to encourage and ensure that standards are added by way of value to products. The youth in the informal space can only reap the benefits of their labour after they have been able to standardise their products”.

“Patronage will increase and the products can also be exported since it meets world standards. Gradually this will bring about the industrialisation the country seeks achieve”.

He further stressed that those graduates who are not devoting themselves to any gainful employment could use intelligence acquired in their various fields of studies, to initiate their jobs that would in a long run, give a change of life to others who are also agitating seriously for the same opportunity to knock on their doors before they wake up from their slumber.

The challenges of unemployment debacle in Ghana have been an issue of national security threat since there is no means of economic survival for such individuals as a replete number of them spoken to, revealed they are handicapped in securing capital to initiate the dreamt business ventures they seek to embark upon.

It is the thought of many students most portentously, the Ghanaian graduates to sit down in the comfort of their armchair where it could be possible for them to be giving out instructions to those they consider to be mean and undergraduate but, the deputy minister of employment and labor relations, Honourable Bright Wireku Brobbey, has entreated them to shun such repressive mentality because it is not what would transform their dear lives in the near foreseeable future.

The crime rate in the country presently is on the ascendency due to the unavailability of job opportunities in the country even though, the law enforcement agencies in Ghana have a contrary view.

Some top-notched university lecturers have also corroborated with the sense that, graduates waiting for the government to find them with white collar jobs should not be the way to go but rather, such graduates must be the ones creating their jobs while employing other people to also work for them where they would be paid at the end of their services rendered but, nobody is heeding to the calls put before the Ghanaian graduates in the country who even in one way or the other, have turned themselves into job seekers in some instances.

It is said that university education, only enhances intellectual capacity development and not necessarily, the requisite acumen and dexterity for one to find a white-collar job but, the creativity of the individual graduate involved in the equation.



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