Ghanaian Landlord Blows Cover On Aisha Huang’s Capture

Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako Jnr,

The good news emerging from the corridors of power, is currently pointing to the fact that, before the notorious galamsey kingpin, Aisha Huang got captured by the police officers in Ghana, it was a collaborated spirit of patriotism which was able to make that targeted ploy to have its fullest extent of crescendo.

It has been unravelled that, a certain patriotic citizen of Ghana, who owns properties rented by the arrestee Aisha Huang, had been the individual who blew cover on her before police officers arrested her on grounds of threatening the life of the undisclosed Ghanaian Landlord.

According to some sources, the said landlord, rented a certain building to Aisha Huang but after carefully observing the manner in which she does her activities, the landlord realised that, she is not an individual who could be described as being reliable and trusted hence his executive hands been used to let out the same structure to someone else.

The fact of the matter is that, the embattled and disgruntled galamsey mastermind Aisha Huang, challenged and revolted against the decision of her landlord who allowed someone to take over the room which he rented out to Aisha Huang whilst not knowing of her real backgrounds the kind of an individual she is but later studying her, she willfully rented the same building to another person but, when Aisha Huang got the wind of her landlord’s actions, she went to the house and threatened the said landlord on the basis that, he let out the building which is meant for her personal and private occupancy without consulting her at the first place.

But upon sensing danger on the part of the landlord that his tenant could do something unreasonable and bizarre against his dear life, he took up the matter seriously and reported the whole incident to the police officers.

When the police officers went into the matter to see who is contravening the law, Aisha Huang was found culpable for the issuance and threatening the life of the said landlord.

Therefore, Aisha Huang was not actually reported upon landing at the Airports of Ghana but rather, she had been in the country for a while now and nobody could her again about her secret arrival in the country if not, she has threatened the life of her landlord who rented out his building to her privately to be putting up in it.


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