Ghanaian Waiter At Manchester City Shares Photos With Foden, Grealish And Other Players

Ghanaian waiter

Ghanaian Waiter At Manchester City Club Goes Popular In Sharing Exciting Photos Snapped With Foden, Greliah, And Other Players Of The Club.

A young Ghanaian overseas who works as a Waiter at the Manchester city football Club recently shared photographs of an exciting moment of his usual task of serving staff and players of the Club.

In his encounter with the players on that faithful day, the Waiter decided to take photos with some players. These photographs were taken with the likes of Foden, Grealish among others, which went viral beyond his wildest expectation in the shortest possible time

This came about when a video of the Waiter in the usual task of serving the players and other Club members whiles taking selfies and group photographs were shared on the social media.

However, many Ghanaians viewing the young man’s awesome experience sincerely expressed their sentiments towards the Waiter and wished him well in his job.