Ghanaians Regretted For Voting Nana Addo Into Power-says John Mahama.

The former President John Dramani Mahama, has said, those who voted for Nana Addo, have come into their full senses that, it was a regrettable decision to voting Nana Addo to be the president of Ghana.

According to him, the current economic hardships Ghanaians are enduring presently tells you that they have realised it was a wrong choice for Akufo Addo to be the president of Ghana. The former President, who is planning to contest again to be the president to rule Ghana, is making waves in the minds of Ghanaians in preparation towards his coming back to vying for the highest office of the land.

The current president Nana Addo has come under a barrage of attacks from all well meaning Ghanaians for melting the economy of the country resulting in the challenges faced as a whole. It is clear that, from all that the former President has said, he said all that in his attempt to settle down the thinking faculties of Ghanaians that he is returning to the juiciest office in Ghana.

We can conclude that the former President too has learnt some few lessons after losing power and so if or when he returns, things may shape up for the ordinary people of the land. Many are struggling to make an ends meet due to the comatose nature of Ghana’s economy.

The mismanagement of the economy is what necessitated the remarks by the former President that those who voted for the incumbent president have regretted it greatly.


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