Ghanaians slam Afia Schwar for going for a hair transplant

Afia Schwar

After revealing she is now in Turkey for a hair transplant and two more surgeries, Ghanaian socialite and comedian Afia Schwar received a huge response online.

Afia Schwar was prepared to have a hair transplant treatment in Turkey to deal with her hairline loss in a video she posted on her Instagram page.

She also revealed in the latter portion of the video that she intends to have her teeth corrected at the same hospital following her initial treatment.

Although she has the freedom to spend her own money whatever she chooses, others have criticized her for wasting money on an unnecessary procedure.

According to these people, she should have used the money meant for the hair transplant to work on her big mouth to look cute.

Afia Schwar is usually mocked for her big mouth therefore it will be prudent for her to work on it instead of her hair because she can wear a wig to cover her baldness.

Gideon Ogidi Arthur wrote – Africa and our problem, instead of working on her mouth  she is rather wasting the money on her hairstyle

Bright Bentil – But this is not news, in at the other side of world that I live. Hair transplants surgery in the Turkey is the cheapest, as compared to the Europe and America.

Roland Wrights Judgement Adusei – Your mouth too need surgery do it before you come back asibolanga

John Lordson Blaze – She should not forget to go for mouth & brain transplant too …. we need some peace.

Ra King Thomas Sankara – She should add mouth surgery too, anaa me p3 kasa


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