Ghanaians’ Woes Deepens As Utility Tariff Looms.

As Ghanaians continue to complain bitterly about the debilitating economy coupled with massive joblessness, the difficulties borne by the people is not fading anytime soon.

It is emerging that the prices of utility bills in the country are geared up for a review. The commission has caused thought provoking issues as it had earlier been been rumoured that the utility officials were planning tariff hikes across the country.

It is now clear that, Public Utility and Regulatory Commission, PURC, is not considering the challenges people are going through in the country thereby, causing more harm than good to them to increase deep cuts on their wounds.

The Executive Secretary of the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission, PURC, Dr. Ishmael Ackah, has announced that, by July this very year, the utility commission is going to adjust tariff increments on all the utilities used by Ghanaians in the country as a whole.

People are finding it difficult to have access to a portable drinking water whilst the power fluctuations are becoming rampant and yet, their prices are expected to go up marginally in July this year.

It may happen that, when the news fully comes to the public domain, utility users will object to any adjustments on their bills as many struggle for economic emancipation.



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