Ghana’s Inflation Rate Reaches An Alarming proportion

Ghana's Inflation Rate Reaches An Alarming proportion

The current inflation figures in Ghana have gone completely out of hand without remedies to arrest and detain the high cost of living and doing business in the country.

Due to the exponential speed at which inflation is rising with a high level of speed, the Bank Of Ghana, is in a crunch meeting to formulate ways and measures aimed at restoring stability in the current stature of the failing economy and to announce new policy rates in the coming days as some of the means to bringing sanity and formidability in the sector. Ghanaians have been lamenting gravely, the severity of the economic infractions currently surfacing in the country as prices of goods and services have skyrocketed across the length and breadth of this fast deteriorating country.

As prices are rising quickly and fast, the working conditions of service for many employees in the private sector remains the same as it does not receive any facelift as an attempt to cushion workers from the challenges incurred by the economic misfortunes that are crippling the finances of people in the country.

It appears as though, whatever measures the Bank Of Ghana announces in the coming hours or days, it is not going to have any positive impacts on the economy as a stop-gap measure to maintain a proper account for the resilient status of the ailing economy which the government officials have acclaimed as robust and resilient but Ghanaians are privy to their political correctness and gimmicks, therefore, nobody is ready or even willing to accept or entertain their fallacious statements as if there are the only people with thinking faculties but in a nutshell, they are filled and engulfed by lying spirits which is far distanced from telling the truth.

Currently, how things are shaping up in the country, is not in the best interest of the majority of Ghanaian people because they have registered their apprehension and revulsion at how the president and his appointees are managing the affairs of the nation and by an extension, believing and upholding that, the country has headed in the wrong direction due to lack of progress and financial difficulties faced by the citizens in Ghana.



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