Gifty Anti finally addresses divorce rumours

Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti, a well-known broadcaster and feminist, has addressed unfounded rumors that her marriage can no longer support its center.

The untrue rumor claimed that Gifty had removed her husband Nana Ansah Kwao from their home because the house they shared was her property. It was first circulated by several Ghanaian blogs.

A Facebook user who is probably close to Gifty Anti spotted one of the absurd stories on social media and duly responded to it in order to achieve this goal.

According to a headline, Gifty Anti allegedly kicked her husband Nana Ansah Kwao IV out of the house and is now living alone.

She tweeted a screenshot and added the following statement. This is an outright untruth. Oheneyere went to school today with her lovely children and hubby. The screenshot below should be ignored,” she wrote.

Gifty decided to address the contentious topic by claiming that the tale was slanderous and inaccurate when she saw the post.

She continued by offering proof that she and her spouse were still on good terms. She also expressed amazement at how one parent managed to pick them out among the many other parents present at the school, Oheneyere wrote:

“Herrr now I fear you. Herrr how did you see us? Please add that I joined the tag of peace competition and we won (Though he and his princess did not give me fans) But I fear you ei. Boi.”

Her comments appear to bring a confirmation of this fan’s defence that Gifty Anti’s marriage to Nana Ansah Kwao isn’t struggling, as the earlier reports claim.

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