Go And Marry And Stop Your Nonsense – Fan Slams Lydia Forson Over ‘Advice’ Video

Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson attempted to provide some advice to admirers, but ended up in hot water.

The actress received a social media warning from a fan who urged her to find a husband and quit giving pointless advice.

In a video she posted, Forson counseled her followers and fans to avoid becoming the devil’s tools.

She claims that a lot of individuals are reticent to praise others on their accomplishments because they are aware of their own misery.

Her comments didn’t sit down well with some and one netizen fired back at her.

“Go n marry n stop your nonsense,” the netizen wrote.

Another said; “We beg let him use us in peace 😂is ur using missing ☹️😒”

Check out Forson’s post below…