Government Inflated Covid Expenditure – Ablakwa alleges.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, North Tongu Constituency

The member of parliament for North Tongu from the Volta Region on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress, the NDC, has accused the NPP led administration for willfully forging the amount of money expended so far since the emergence of covid-19.

Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has alleged that, this current government fails beyond description to rendering proper and credible account as to how much exactly had been spent from the total amount of money accrued from the covid fund.

According to Hon. Ablakwa, due to government’s profligate spending, it is not in a better position to come out clearly to boldly tell Ghanaians and the entire world as a whole, the precise expenditure of the covid fund.

The lawmaker stated that, it had been a while since any office holder under Akufo Addo’s regime neither he himself came out with confidence without shuddering to render a transparent account of how much they have spent from the covid coffers.

He is therefore, challenging those in charge of the covid vaults to do the honourable thing and render an accurate account to the Ghanaian people.



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