Government Is Broke To Afford Teachers Demands – Defence Minister

Government Is Broke To Afford Teachers Demands

The Minister of Defense, Dominic Nitiwul, has stated that the current economic challenges faced by his government at the moment, are so financially incapacitated to meeting the demands of the public striking teachers in the country.

According to him, he and his government can only plead with the teachers to teach carefully about the future of the children in their various schools before embarking on their strike activities which started on Monday.

The public teachers in Ghana are currently on strike demanding better conditions of service as a result of the unfriendly environment created by the falling standard of living in the country which is eating up their finances deeply causing them to be dependent on others who also are not having it.

The teachers are also adamant about returning to the classrooms with the sense that there is no way they could tolerate the negligence on the part of the government on them because they have been sacrificing themselves for too long for the country of Ghana and yet nothing significant is being felt in their various pockets because of the high cost of living in the country presently.

It is obvious to see students of government basic schools across the entire country roaming about the streets aimlessly due to the strike actions embarked upon by their public teachers which in a nutshell motivates some of the pupils to absent themselves from the schools because according to them, their teachers are on strike and therefore there are no teachers available in schools to teach them when they go to school and that being the case, they should remain at home than to go to school and be making noise until closing time before you return home.

The strike of the teachers is biting harshly on sure students because of their poor financial backgrounds as a result of the inability of their parents to even afford their children proper meals at home because the school authorities feed their juveniles for them daily whenever they are in school but here lies the case they are no longer going to school and it is negatively impacting the lives of such family members because of their economic challenges they are enduring.

Many of the students spotted in towns are even taking advantage of the strike of their teachers to galavant on the streets of the country Ghana without having the foresight to think thoroughly of the consequences that their ignorant mentality would be hampering their various future aspirations.

The Ghana Education Service in a statement, also pleaded with the striking teachers to return to work as the government negotiates with their union leaders to resolve the impasse between them and their employer, the Ghana government.



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