Government Is Committed To Supporting Youth To Initiate Businesses

Fatimatu Abubakar

A deputy minister of Information, Madam Fatimatu Abubakar, has given the government’s assurance yet, to the teeming youth who are yearning and desperately searching for jobs to make ends meet, that the president and the NPP government would definitely create the enabling environment for the Ghanaian people to start their own private businesses to receive transformations on their lives and not necessarily waiting upon government and his appointees to come to their aid before they get something meaningful doing with their lives.

She added that, there are many programmes that the government is planning to embark upon so that lives of individuals members would be enhanced and received a facelift for the better.

She hinted, very soon, Ghanaian people will smile at the right side of their mouths because a total change is coming and will soon knock at their doorstep.

In her disclosure, the initiative of the government which bears the household name, ” YouStart initiative, would transform boundaries of financial difficulties and hitches with mouthwatering and juicy activities that would silence those who are pessimistic about the turnout of events in the regime of the governing New Patriotic Party with shocks and surprises where they would have no avenue for putting any kind of blame on the doorsteps of government and its political appointees in the running of the country’s economy.

She opined that, people in Ghana are going through financial challenges but she gave the hope that, very soon, such unfriendly moments would be over in the country where people would begin to rejoin cheerfully that, it is the NPP government that turns their economic and development fortunes around for their good.

The government of the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, recognises that, Ghanaian people are really in excruciating economic hardships but blames the erstwhile administration of John Dramani Mahama for leaving the economy and the resources of the country in a total mess and tatters without remedies which the government of the Nana Addo Dankwa came and inherited but because, he has the country at heart, he has been able to transform the country into a state of enviable records that could not be matched by the previous achievements of the Mahama administration when he was at the helm of affairs of the country.

Madam Fatimatu Abubakar, finally disclosed, the YouStart initiative of the government, does not know any political coloration as some people are already claiming it on radio and television stations that, it is only the members of the ruling NPP that are eligible to qualify for stimulus packages such as that and those who do not have party cars, are not going to receive any support from government.

She educated the general public to distance themselves from such reckless and divisive comments proceeding from the mouths of those who have completely lost touch with political governance.



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