Greater Accra Regional Minister Sprays Pepper On Sakumono Ramsar Site Encroachers

Greater Accra Regional Minister Sprays Pepper On Sakumono Ramsar Site Encroachers

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon. Henry Quartey, had given the strongest warning yet, to the people living on the land of Ramar Site earmarked for an eco tourism, without seeking permission from the authorities who are the ones in charge of the centre.

According to the regional minister, he will drive those who are occupying the land with bitter spray that they could not imagine of because of their awful trespassing conduct and behaviours which must not be countenance by any meaningful leader who is determined to transforming the lives and properties of people and the country as a whole.

He further stressed that, he would go onto the ground personally himself to forcefully drive out those who are dwelling on the land without fear or favour and by and extension, smear them with any material or chemical available If they remain adamant and stiff-necked.

On the land of Sakumono Ramsar Site, scores of people from all walks of life, could be visibly spotted inhabiting the surfaces of the land in wooden structures where in some instances, others lay down their mattresses in the open just to have forty winks so as to embark on their daily activities the next day.

Even though the regional minister has given a very dreadful warning to them to vacate from the land or face his bitter wrath, the occupants of the land consider his threats as mere scrap metals and audacious stating that, there is nothing that he would do in an attempt to driving them out of the land because they do not have any other place to go and put up with and so he must have mercy and compassion on them with the reason that he is their only father.

The occupants of the land are ordinary Ghanaian traders who are also struggling to pay for their rent bills and without having any other means, they resorted to living on the land owned by the authorities of the Sakumono Ramsar Site.

It is believed that, based on the harsh threats issued out to those living on the land, they are also planning fervently, to match the regional minister boot for boot on the day that he will show his face on the land because they are learning that he is storming the centre very soon with his security forces to forestall any possible bloodshed.

The regional minister knows very well that the people who are putting up on the land without lawful approval, will not take lightly the bold threats he warned them with and as a result of that, he is adequately preparing to storm their base with military forces so that no chaos or troubles would be fomented on the day of his maiden driving away from the land those who are dwelling on it.

Things are quite tough for many Ghanaians because of the unfriendly environment created by the economy which is not regaining strength to bring back the finances of the people on track.

The minister disclosed that nobody would be compensated when they are finally moved out of the land because they are there without anyone’s prior permission and they are not the rightly owners of the property to demand for any payment from the city authorities when they are driven out on the day of their unannounced visitation and the ultimate take over of the government land earmarked for eco tourism activities which will help generate more income for the development of the country, Ghana.



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