Gunmen Abduct Dozens In Kano As 6 Killed.

The Islamic militants in the Nigeria state of Kano, have opened fire on innocent civilians in the community killing at least six while countless number of people in the civility have been abducted to unknown locations.

Boko haram insurgents are believed to be the brain behind the insurrections in Kano State. Those gun brandishing men went to the environment and started shooting people in the community without any provocation.

The Nigeria military is currently on the lookout for those who committed such atrocities in the area without recourse to humanity. The group has been causing chaos in the northern part of Nigeria thereby on target for religious people from Christian and Islamic communities just to kill and share blood to satisfy their blood thirsty nerves.

The behaviour of the boko haram members is becoming too wanton and it is causing havoc in the country. Some people in the area where the incident has taken place, are living in fear and panic due to the horrifying manner in which the group members have slaughtered innocent civilians in the community.

The rambling style of the members must be carefully fought with to restore public confidence in the public security forces of the country. Foreign nationals are leaving the country due to the increasing insecurity of their valuable lives.

President Buhari has promised to deal decisively with the boko haram insurgents when voted into power but it appears as if it is a forlorn hope causing him to forget about what he promised during his campaigning era.



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