Hajia Bintu Scams Ghanaians (FULL DETAILS)

Hajia Bintu

Social media fans are perplexed by a video of Ghanaian celebrity Hajia Bintu because she appears drastically different.

It turns out that the Bintu we see today is a completely updated version of a previous Bintu with straight bortors and no curves.

While her signature bortors are not visible in a recent video of Hajia Bintu, social media users have expressed their opinions.

Hajia Bintu is shown in the video as having a flat a** without any curves. Users of social media are currently perplexed and unsure of what to believe.

Hajia Bintu is known for her heavy curves and nyash from the moment she shot to fame.

In fact, her bortors influenced why she’s popular after it became a social media sensation.

And it’s hard to say that Hajia Bintu fixed her butt before she became famous.

This is confusing everyone at the moment!

Watch the video below;’