Half-naked videos of the Side Chick who sued First Atlantic Bank Manager over sexual harassment hit online

The story of a court summons issued by a woman named Deborah Seyram Adablah against First Atlantic Bank Manager Ernest Kwasi Nimako has gone viral on social media.

According to the tale, the woman (said Side Chick) sued the Manager for allegedly breaking commitments he made to her while they were having an affair.

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According to the summons that has gone viral and is trending on Twitter, the lady said that the boss had harassed and assaulted her sexually on a regular basis.

She also claims that top male officers at the bank (First Atlantic Bank), where she previously worked, repeatedly harassed the bank’s female employees sexually.

The lady said, “Your life at the bank would be rendered sad and uncomfortable if any female staff refuses to give in to the demands of the senior male personnel.”

The woman claims in the lawsuit that she was forced to approach men clients in order to lure them with sex in exchange for opening accounts with the bank despite the manager’s ongoing sexual harassment and abuse of her.


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