Heavy Downpour Inundates Major Parts Of Accra

Heavy Downpour Inundates Major Parts Of Accra

Accra witnessed another kind of severe rainstorm yesterday where major parts of the national capital got flooded and caused countless people stranded on the principal streets of Ghana.

Many major roads in the capital, Asylum Down, Adabraka, Kwame Nkrumah Circle and Kaneshie areas, received their stimulus packages yesterday in a form of negativity as a strong deterrent to carelessness and improper planning as to formulate ways and means to help prevent the perennial floodings in the national capital.

Drivers could not ply their trade yesterday because various portions of the roads submerged in water thereby obstructing smooth drive of their vehicles in line with their daily activities as part of their daily routine trading.

Ghanaian security forces were seen in some instances providing assistance to stranded members of the communities where they could not cross the flooding zones to the other side of the roads due to the high rise of the water. The president of the republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, earlier gave orders to all the metropolitan, municipal and district authorities, to as a matter of seriousness, pull down building and structures erected on water ways completely that are obstructing easy flow of water when it rains in the country most especially, Accra and other prominent sections of Ghana.

It appears even though some leaders adequately responded to the government’s order, but yet still, nothing much is being seen as to whether the actions embarked upon by the metropolitan, municipal and district chief executive officers, are yielding any profitable results that would help eliminate the perennial flooding challenges in Ghana.

It seems, the rain which came surprising, fell at the blindsided view of the Ghana Meteorological Services Department because, as we are all aware, we are in the raining season as usual and the officers out there, are the ones giving updates to Ghanaian people and other nationals but yesterday, nothing of that sort happened because the rain took them by the storm.

Many people thought they would be warned by the meteorologists as to what to expect from the weather that fateful yesterday but unexpectedly, the office did not release any particular update concerning the weather because there was no weather forecast broadcast to Ghanaians.

In some homes at Kaneshie and Circles, the rainwater engulfed homes of their owners and filled the entire building without leaving any place behind for use by the owners of such houses in the capital.

At around Kaneshie market enclaves, certain portions of the roads cut off totally rendering motorists difficult moments to using the roads which later caused some community dwellers to dredge parts of the roads that caved in to allow an easy passage of the flood waters.

It is not yet clear if the government is devising other long lasting solutions and measures aimed at bringing to an end, the damages being caused by the rain waters the moment it rains just a little bit in Ghana most significantly, on principal streets of Ghana.

In the cases of Weija and its environs, cases of flooding related challenges were minimal because of how the municipal authorities in the area strongly carried out the instructions given them by the president of the republic of Ghana.

The municipality, in the past two weeks, embarked upon the demolition of structures constructed on waterways to pave way for the fast and rapid flow of the flood waters as the weather continues to give showers unabated.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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