“Hide your man” – 21-year-old girl warns ladies as she flaunts her beauty Online(Video)

An internet video of 21-year-old girl giving advice to women while displaying her beauty has gotten lot of attention from social media users.
The woman who goes by the username icecoldszn on the video-sharing app TikTok claimed to be single and in search of boyfriend in the video that went viral online.
In her post, the woman wearing blue thin dress that bares her cleavage stated that she is willing to go to any lengths to find her own man.

Not stopping there, she advised ladies to become a 5&6 with their boyfriends. She accompanied the video with the caption; “Hide your man.”

However, the video has generated mixed reactions, while some body-shammed the lady as they attack her bosom cavity while noting that her “London Bridge” has fallen off permanently at the age of 21, others said that not all men can be carried away with her beauty and won’t fall for a left over like her.

Watch the video below;


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