Home remedy to lighten dark lips

Home remedy to lighten dark lips

Dark lips can be caused by a lot of factors ranging from personal hygiene, diet to a lot more causes.

Dark lips can also be triggered by skin disorders, chemical and other lifestyle factors while skin lightening products and reactions to cosmetics can cause same as well.

The lips tend to be naturally lighter in some area as the melanin on that part of the lip is way less compared to the rest of the body.

These two home remedies work if you want lighter lips:

1. With Beetroot
Beetroot is loaded with natural bleaching properties that works to lighten dark lips without side effects. The red colour it has also helps to make the lips look rosy and lighter.


– Squeeze out juice from fresh beetroot – Apply by massaging gently on clean lips

just before bed to be left overnight

– Wash off the next morning

– Repeat this daily at night

2. With Lemon

Lemon works well for lightening. It works to lighten the skin naturally as well as a treatment for dark spots.


– Squeeze lemon to get out the juice

– Apply the juice on clean lips just before bedtime

-Use this everyday till you get desired result

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com