How Long Will You Wait After Ejaculations During An Intercourse Before Another Round?

How Long Will You Wait After Ejaculations During An Intercourse

 This is a thought-provoking question to be asked by certain individuals in the public picture to know how long could one wait for her sex partner during sexual encounters when the man releases his orgasm before he could go in for another bout of penetration.

Some people will argue that it is not the most appropriate thing for couples to disclose how they do it during sex because their comments and activities are likely to destroy and ruin the marriages or the relationships of others because of the way they engage one another when it comes to sexual activities in completing their efforts of the other persons and their various needs in beds.

The question has been asked, how long will or should a man wait when he ejaculates during sex before he goes for another round of sexual bouts with the woman for stimulation and satisfaction though it may vary from how some people devote themselves to the activities relating to sex due to their religious and spiritual awakening exercises but to those who are highly committed into sexual activities with the opposite gender, how long will you wait as a man when you ejaculate in the reproductive organs of the woman before you go in for another enjoyable experience with her again without giving out your legs in the process?

It is believed that there is a crop of men who do not wait until the moment they ejaculate in the vagina of the opposite sex but rather they continue to penetrate because their penis does not succumb after ejaculations during sexual encounters with their partners but the other side of the coil is that certain men as soon as they ejaculate in the process when they are engaging in sex, they succumb due to their high level of religiosity and spirituality and there are other men too, because of the nature of their professions, they return home with exhaustion and thus, they do not feel and see sexual activities as that so enjoyable and pleasurable for elastic and memorable cheers but those are into the full time of that, they enjoy and appreciate the fullness of the forbidden fruit hidden tightly in between both legs of Eve’s generations.

Which way ever it goes, penetration and ejaculations vary from one individual to the other because how you feel sexual satisfaction, can not be the same way someone else feels it because our hormone systems do not function the same way.

There are certain people, whose hormones are very weak whereas others, whose hormones are very active and always ready to experience something spectacular for maximum satisfaction with the woman, and without that, they find other ways and means to satisfy their heart desires because it is not everyone who will have the insatiable urge for sex drive for that long period before his penis succumbs in the process during sexual bouts with a woman for the woman to feel that yes my man is good on the bed.

After all, he satisfies me the woman I want with the sense that, when he ejaculates in my vagina, he does not relax but rather, he continues knocking on the hole in between the two legs of a woman without knowing that he releases being the case that, he is not having any erectile dysfunctioning or going through any kind of impotency.

There are various positions some people adopt so that the man can continue enjoying sex the moment he ejaculates during sex in the vagina of the woman without waiting for the penis to erect before he penetrates but due to the sex position craftily chosen, the man can ejaculate alright but his manhood will still proceed with penetration with the sense that, the style given out by the woman to the man, is largely the contributive factor in determining how active the man can be when he ejaculates in her vagina during sex and how long he must wait for the penis to erect before he goes for another round for sexual satisfaction.



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