How To Turn Off “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content”

How To Turn Off

 In every well-established institution, procedures and regulations govern such establishments are laid down so that sanity and decency or orderliness will prevail at the end of the day.

Any setup where no reasonable measure or guidelines are stipulated for people to abide by or to follow, everything goes berserk and wayward due to the absence of those strict compliances.

On social media channels, there are measures put in place to regulate activities that go on those platforms by the users and patronizers of the platforms in terms of business undertakings and content delivery or anything else.

And everything of that sort begins with the content and privacy-related issues that one embarks upon and how it is sent or forwarded or even shared with the other partner bothering on the sensitive nature of that content.

What form or shape it might take, matters most to the owners of those platforms because they are mindful and sensitive to the privacy of the other users of the same platform and not to harm or jeopardize their mood about the content of anything that you share or post online.

Those of you who are conversant with the usage of the tweeter, has been seeing an inscription that exclaims; “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content” on regular basis but what do you do? Some of you intentionally ignore that bold inscription and go ahead with your plans by circulating very thought-provoking images and videos that hinge on sensitive body parts which must not be the case but because of your lack of civility, you are bent on doing so, the tweeter is reminding to be cautious of how you go about that and if not, you are likely to be blocked from using such a very useful media channel which helps you transact business and other activities you endeavor to undertake for easy and convenient purposes.

Bear it in mind that anytime you chance upon seeing such an inscription or warning on tweeter as a regular user, be careful how you go about it with the sense that, such a thing you are being warned about, contains sensitive imagines as in a form of nudity, sexually explicit videos, pictures that could harm and endanger the emotions of other people when you go ahead to send or share those blasphemous and damaging profane contents or materials with others which could lead you being banned or prohibited from using the network of the authorized owners who have the right to operate such organizations.

Let us all be cautious about how we go about doing things on social media most especially, on twitter because it has been reported countlessly that people are bent on violating the privacy of others when it comes to sharing and forwarding images that are sexually explicit and nudies content in some instances of seeking vengeance because someone is feeling disgruntled and aggrieved about his or her partner is jilted him or herself and due to that, it has become an avenue where irresponsible people use nowadays to seeking and ironing out their differences when it comes to relationship matters to most and it has reached an alarming rate that tweeter is alarmed about such behaviors and it is going to take on those individuals who are engaging in violating the privacy of others by sharing illicit images and videos that are harmful and hateful objects to other people using the social media platforms.



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