Husband impregnates wife and her biological mother at the same time

A 26-year-old woman who married in 2018 has taken to the internet anonymously to share a very disturbing story about her biological mother and husband, which has shocked many social media users.

According to the lady, she was having difficulty conceiving in the early years of her marriage, which prompted her inlaws to put pressure on her to get pregnant and give them their grandchild.

Her mother was also on her back about having a grandchild because she is her only child – and this is because her father died when she was a child and her mother insisted on never marrying again.

After a series of hospital tests revealed that nothing was wrong with her or her husband, they decided to go the traditional route.

She consulted her mother, who later went to a herbalist for some traditional medicine to help her conceive.

Her mother insisted on coming to stay in her matrimonial home because she suspected she wouldn’t use the traditional medicine as prescribed by the herbalist and that her presence would compel her to follow the simple instructions because she would be monitoring her from time to time.

Now, her mother who now stays with them is two months pregnant while she’s also three months pregnant and her husband is responsible for both pregnancies.

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