I Am The Oldest Person In Town – 101 year old woman celebrates good health


    Good health as they say, is a blessing from God, yet still many people do not recognise the importance of such a robust gift of good living where they could be praising the excellent and exceptional handiworks of the Most High God but rather, they decide to follow the gods of human hands with noses but without breathe.

    There are different kinds of people who attribute good health to their daily routine living lifestyle because of how they treat themselves not necessarily that, they have been going for medical check ups and all that but their mode of foodstuffs that they have been consuming with less drive and urge of alcoholic substances.

    Others are claiming that, they are old on earth but rather looking younger than their ages because of their total abstinence from sexual activities involving the opposite sex since having sex is meant for procreation and satisfying human pleasure, what wrong or an act of immorality would you commit if you engage in sexual bouts on regular basis at least, once a week or thrice a month since the human body is not a firewood?

    As humans as we are, the more we eat and drink, the more our hormones grow and become active and thus, they demand for what they want but it is up to you the very individual what you give out to the flesh by way of satisfying its needs and desires.

    The good news now is, over one hundred years old granny, has caused stirs online while celebrating and appreciating the goodnesses of our Lord God for granting unto her sustained robustness of her bone marrows, gives glaring accounts of how she feels healthy and sturdy enough to undertake any domestic activity despite she being more than one hundred years old after birth.

    The old granny who still looks and appears younger than her real one hundred and one years, touted herself as the oldest in her entire community where she currently resides.

    The granny with the name: Mummy Ama Nyamesem Asantewa, has stated that, in the whole area where she lives present, nobody is older than she either a man or a woman which educates her immensely, to celebrate the goodnesses and mercies of the Most High God who always grants her His Divine countenance upon her dear life.

    Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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