I don’t make Highlife, i make Afropop music – Kojo Antwi

According to renowned Ghanaian music maestro Kojo Antwi, his music does not fall into the highlife genre. He said he makes the music of the African Popular Music genre, also known as Afropop.

Mr Music Man said, “Some people claim l play reggae, highlife, among others. But l play Afropop. I am a musician, and l play all categories of genres. Afropop comprises so many rhythms.”

Speaking to Christian Agyei Frempong on Anigye Mere on Onua Fm, Mr Antwi said that it was unfortunate no Ghanaian musician had a feature during World Music Day on June 21. This day highlighted the 100 greatest African Songs of all time without any Ghanaian song.

The current group of musicians in Ghana are copying Nigerians while the Nigerians had stolen the Afropop from Ghana.
Highlife, in my view, is dynamic. And currently, the modern musicians in Ghana can not play like the old highlife musicians because the old instruments had given way to new technology. But they should try as much as possible to keep the Ghanaian identity.

Source: 3news



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