I Had No Sex For Two Years – Yvonne Nelson claims.

The weird and unexpected has come from the throat of the sexiest goddess Yvonne Nelson, who claims she abstained from every form of sexual activities for two good years.

The lady has caused stirs by revealing that, she did not open her window for any man to enter for two years even though they were pressing her for it but he willingly denied all of them.
According to Yvonne Nelson, with that two years without having sexual intercourse with a man, she found it to be normal for her because she personally decided not to indulge her body in such an adventure during those moments.
Yvonne Nelson made it clear that, it is not always easy to stay without a man as an adult but if you make up your mind that you will not allow any man to enjoy your flesh if you are not in the mood for sexual bouts, you can do it because the mind is not prepared for that juicy honey.
She is therefore urging young ladies to desist from using their bodies indiscriminately so that they can maintain them properly for the right men to come and enjoy in the near future. She believes that sex is really enjoyable when you practise it with the dreamt man of your heart and not any other man who will just come and satisfy his flesh and dump you later because, he gets what he wants.
Others are questioning if truly she abstained herself from sex for those two years as she claimed because of how lustful her body looks in public. It is believed that, she more she eats, the more her estrogen and astrogen will develop into sexual hormones so how can she stay for two years without having sex.
Does she want to tell us that, her fleshy and fragile body did not entice her for sex?


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