“I have been struggling with my voice” – Davido

“I have been struggling with my voice” – Davido

As one of the top afrobeat sensations of our time, Davido has revealed that his biggest hurdle in the music industry has been his battle with his voice.

In a candid interview with TheNative, a renowned music magazine, Davido opened up about his struggle with a recurring loss of his voice, causing some critics to question his vocal abilities online.

Despite this setback, the artist shared how he has managed to hone his craft and control the situation. In fact, his doctor advised him to reduce unnecessary vocal communication to preserve his voice.

While it may be a tough road, it’s clear that Davido is determined to never let anything dim his star power.

Because my voice is already husky, when my voice goes it’s so annoying. I like to express myself and I speak a lot, so when I can’t talk, it’s annoying.

“It’s so uncomfortable when I have a show and my voice is not back, and I’m impatient so I’ll just be coughing” he said.