I have over 23 children - Dr. Kwaku Oteng reveals

One of the billion counting machines in the Ghana known for his versatile way of doing business without shrouding for his insatiable quest to exorbitantly inflate the prices of his goods and services, has disclosed that, as a rich man, he has the right to have any number of children he wants to have since he is the very person to look after the children.

He therefore stated that, the total number of children he currently has, are more than twenty three but he was not specific concerning the actual confirmation since he just identified them by saying they are more than 23 children.

It is of no argument that Dr Kwaku Oteng is a renowned Ghanaian millionaire and business tycoon who does not griddle in the affairs of indolent people who have time to talk extensively in negative terms against people who are changing and transforming society for the better.

He was such a spectacular individual who graced the recent birthday celebration of Dr. Kwame Despite when he rode majestically in a splash and posh vehicles later on which he bragged of having more than one hundred vehicles.

It is now clear that, nowadays it is not about money any longer except to have life and enjoy the luxury after toiling and labouring hard for several decades to make it in life.

Dr. Kwaku Oteng is such an awesome individual who is business mogul and well labelled personality with first class wherewithal in society who could touch the life of anyone he pleases within a twinkle of an eye and that particular person does not remain the same in his or her life time again.

Many netizens have jointly praised him for the excellent manner in which he handles his customers and they insinuated that, that could be one of his ways of achieving successes in his business activities.

Whilst others were asking to know the total number of wives he is playing the game with in his expensive mansion, some also retorted that such questions do not matter since he has children but having children is not enough, it is important to know from whom he had the children as evidences.

In Ghana, there is no legal restriction or whatsoever prohibiting the number of children one intends to have since you have the financial authority to look after them, you have the free will to do so.

As a result of that privilege, certain individuals are claiming what about those of them who are not financially stable and that has given an upper hand to those who have the manner over the ones who are financially handicapped.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com