Kumchacha has been very furious and said many things when the death of Christian Atsu hit the country and heard of how good the player was to many people.

He said the player has lived his life being a source of joy to many but some people are a source of pain to people.

He has said that if he had the power of swapping death, he would have swapped the death of Christian Atsu with Nam1. He has explained why he made mention of Nam1 and no other person. Nam1 is the executive officer of the defunct Menzgold.

“I mentioned Nam1 and I’d explain, I lost three billion old currency equivalent to GH₵300,000 in our new currency to the whole Nam1 issue. Sometimes when I reflect on it in my mind, I wish to chew him alive when I get the opportunity.

“Because raising such an amount is not easy. I always take time to pray that God takes away such thoughts from my mind,” he stated while appearing as a guest on an entertainment talk show on Onua TV.

He said he lost GHC300,000 in that Menzgold business and till now nothing is being said. Many have lost their lives as a result of that while the person in question moves about freely. It would have been better if he died and was buried while Atsu stays alive and continued his good work.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com