I Murdered My Parents Over Blasphemy Remarks Against Prophet Mohammed – murderer confesses

A sad moment stained with an indelible filthy garment, has greeted the family members of a renowned Islamic religious songs composer and singer after he has premeditatedly slain his biological parents who brought him into this earth for allegedly uttering comments that he the detainee considered to be blasphemous against the personality of the founder of the Islamic religion, Prophet Mohammed on religious grounds.

According to Munkaila Ahmadu, a staunch loyalist of the Tijjaninyya sect member, who is a popular brand songs composer of the Islamic religion in Gagarawa of the Jigawa local government state of Nigeria, thoughtlessly claimed to have committed the dastardly and horrifying act against the lives of his parents with the reason that; his parents used to insult prophet Muhammad when they were alive by making comments that he the culprit still believes are demeaning and disparaging remarks on the part of his Islamic religious founder.

According to him, when his parents were alive, they used to insult he himself personally before he finally decided to extinguish them so that he could have his peace on earth due to his assertion that, his parents were even calling him all sorts of ridiculous names such such a mad man and an clown based on that, he told himself he would not bear with such draconian spectacles again in his personal life.

The 37 years old Munkaila Ahmadu, is currently in the firm grip of the police officers in the Jigawa local government state of Nigeria after he was swiftly captured when he committed this terrible act.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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