I once ‘robbed’ a taxi driver – Majid Michel

Majid Michel

Majid Michel, a Ghanaian actor, has admitted to stealing from a taxi driver when he was broke.

Majid Michel explained that after entering a taxi to an undisclosed place and realizing he didn’t have any money, he resorted to stealing.

On the 30/30 part of the show, the actor revealed the incident occurred during a difficult moment in his life in response to a question made by Angel Drive host Okyeame Quophi.

“I used to take cabs, the trotro taxi type, not the taxi that drops you,” Majid Michel admitted when recounting the incident. So, when I get into the cab, I’ll remove the money [from the gear area where drivers deposit their coins] and put it in my pocket… I’ll pay him with his own money when we arrive at our destination because I don’t have any.”

The Oscar winner also stated that he despises religion, believing that it simply produces difficulties.

To become truly children of God, Christians, he believes, must go beyond religious requirements.

“I’m really against religion…religion has caused a lot of problems. When we transcend beyond religion and become sons of God that is where we discover a lot of things beyond the church.”

Despite his disbelief in religion, the actor noted that “I’ve seen him [Jesus], I’ve spoken to him, I’ve heard him, and he’s directed me”, he disclosed on Wednesday, May 11 on Angel FM.

When asked where he saw Jesus, he replied that “I talk to him everyday at the secrete place which is inside you”

The ‘Crime to Christ’ actor advised Christians to be focused on the ultimate thing, which he says is finding Jesus and find out what his will by establishing a relationship with him.

He further revealed that when he began his search for Jesus, he wasn’t settled in his spirit.

“Since 2014, I didn’t have a problem with God but I had a problem with the stories of Jesus By problem I wasn’t settled and I hadn’t come to a resolve in my spirit and so I started the search for him.”

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com


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