I owe my daughter an endless apology for giving her a deadbeat father – Mother laments


Single motherhood can present a number of difficulties, including financial, emotional, and social difficulties.

Single mothers frequently have to work multiple jobs to support their families while also caring for their children on their own.

This can result in extreme stress and exhaustion, as well as difficulty finding time to spend with their children.

A single mother has taken to the internet to publicly apologize to her daughter for raising her daughter with a deadbeat father, which she deeply regrets.

According to the single mother, she deeply regrets entering a romantic relationship with her daughter’s father because it has cost her so much – and it remains one of her greatest life mistakes.

In a video posted on her TikTok page, the woman apologized to her daughter for being the type of father she was.

She hinted that he’s a slacker who abandoned her after she gave birth to care for their daughter on her own.

On Tiktok, the woman simply known as Nyiha21 advised her fellow women to be extra cautious when choosing a partner, as they are also choosing a father for their children.

She captioned her fast-trending video as;

“Be careful who you have a kid with. I owe my daughter endless apologies?.”

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