I regret following a ‘gyimifuor’ like Shatta Wale – Yaa Pono goes hard

Yaa Pono

Yaa Pono, a Ghanaian rapper, has called his decision to follow Shatta Wale, a loudmouthed singer, “foolish.”

He claims he has tremendous regrets for the times when he cautiously followed Shatta Wale and defended whatever he did with wild abandon.

Yaa Pono did not mince words in a new interview with Pure FM, calling Shatta Wale as an old fool who has not learned the lessons he taught him in the diss single “Gbee Nabu.”

Yaa Pono insisted that Shatta Wale has not grown up and constantly puts up childish, amateurish attitude which he despises with utter disgust.

“I was adamant about not making a video for that song.” But, as you may be aware, when you begin a song, you must include the video. I had ceased performing ‘Gbee Nabu’ for quite some time when I noticed that the centipede (Shatta Wale) continued to perform ‘Say Fi’ on stage.

“Ask him to stop singing the song.” Otherwise, your heart will break, old guy. You would have seen ten live videos if I were still performing. So put a stop to it. He should deliver the tune to my house.

Although there seems to be a simmering brawl better Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono on social media, Ponobiom has insisted that following Shatta Wale and even doing a diss track targeted at him was a regrettable decision.

“My only regret is for the sake of music.” I should have put it to greater use. I’m sorry I followed an idiot. I liked it, but I’m not sure I still like it. As a result, he should cease since I’ll be bringing in another performer. That artist will blow you away from more than any other artist who has ever mentioned my name. ‘His name is Nana Nketia, and he’s a rap artist,’ he said.


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