I sell used condoms that contain sperm to pastors - Former hook-up lady reveals

A TV3 documentary reveals how active sex workers and retired hookup girls clandestinely sell the sperm of their clients to the highest bidder.

After gathering the sperm, they meet the buyer and sell it to them for a hefty price.

The devilish actions of these sex workers, who are motivated to make more money from the sale of these sperm, are brought to light in greater detail in the special report produced by Ghanaian media company TV3.

The exposé explains how these individuals coordinate with hotel employees to ensure a consistent supply of these biological materials.

They say that the big men are always willing to pay more for the sperm, so these sex workers always get them from their clients.

Sharon, a retired hookup girl who agreed to speak with the documentary’s producers, revealed that she sells some of the used condoms to well-known pastors.

She shared the story of how she gave one of her “products” to a well-known Evangelist in the Volta region.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com