I Spent $1 Million To Get Botched — Rodrigo Alves

Rodrigo Alves, a television reality show host in Brazil, finally admits to have gone under the knife and claims to be content with his current feminine genes

The ‘human Ken doll’ confirmed during one of his numerous interviews, even in front of paparazzi, that he had undergone a lot of cosmetic procedures in order to look like his favourite doll, Barbie.

From countless nose jobs to different kinds of ‘cat-eye lifts’, Alves has tried it all, in the quest of “matching body with feminine brain”.

Born and christened as Rodrigo Alves, the tv-star had always been insecure about his looks, confessing to always feeling feminine.

His fascination with Barbie dolls began in his early years and deepened when his grandfather bought him a couple of Barbie dolls to play with.

Later, when he became a young adult, Rodrigo decided to seek help through plastic surgery, to fix the mental issues and dissatisfaction he had always felt with his body.

Sadly, by 2018, Alves had already spent half a fortune, a whooping sum of 500K on face lift surgical; by age 35, he had added other different cosmetic treatments, meant to enhance his feminine personality.

In 2020, Mr. Alves, A.K.A, ‘The Human Ken Doll’, still came out, revealing to the public that he was transgender.

To make permanent his claims, Rodrigo went ahead to get a gender reassignment surgery, and, even, changed his first name to Jessica.

‘The Human Ken Doll’ is now a fully botched ‘Barbie, like he always wanted for decades.