I still feel depressed at my age being an orphan – 33yr old lady cries out

McKee Nuwaira

McKee Nuwaira had given up on life so young. She wished for nothing more than a trip back in time to the times when she was close to her parents.

McKee Nuwaira used to be eager to attend school and receive a quality education. She want to go back to those carefree times when she could play and laugh with her friends without being hindered by pain or anxiety.

Like in the past, she yearned to be surrounded by others who would watch over her and care for her wellbeing.

McKee Nuwaira, who is now 33 and a mature lady, still struggles with the loss of her parents when she was a little child, which causes her constant depression.

Because of the abuse she endured at the hands of her stepmother, Phatilina Regina Ode, she has chosen to convey her story through film, and it is incredibly emotional.

Despite her painful history, we think McKee Nuwaira finds comfort so that her sorrows will soon be a thing of the past.